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The Renewal of Cooks Hill Galleries

Cooks Hill Galleries

As part of the re opening of Cooks Hill Galleries after a short bereavement period I would like to alert you to our focus for change and development.

I have decided to label this initiative CHG’s renewal, 42 years on!

It has been a proactive move designed for betterment across many aspects of the gallery and it’s operation.

So get ready to experience a change in look, feel and reorganization of the galleries.

So what are you likely to notice?

  • The reopening of Gallery V; for years this has been used as a storeroom, now it is reopened with a vibrant wall colouring.
  • Gallery Rooms 1 and 2 have also had a colour makeover. Gone are the off white walls - come and have a look! I would appreciate your thoughts and observe your reaction?
  • Our new website is now operational, I will follow up with a blog, to advise you how special this is for research, education, hi definition and quality image viewing, art buying/selling, artist insights; all integrated with our social media platforms, with art advice with our services designed to assist with most art enquiries. View the website here.
  • Our exhibitions; the forthcoming exhibition of Ken Strong’s 'Lifting the darkness - the emergence of light' opening May 26 6-8pm will have: 
    • An ‘exhibition statement’
    • Individual artworks ‘Artist comment’
    • ‘Director’s comment’: designed to give our clients art insights and a gallerist perspective on the exhibitor and their work, often highlighting ‘featured’ artworks noting their special qualities.
    • Ability to zoom in, to highlight a ‘detail’ within an artwork, this is valuable for clarification!
    • Our Flipbook Digital Catalogue viewing; a superior experience of seeing our exhibition art in a book format; move freely back & forth and be able to discriminate the art of your liking easily. A link to our website to purchase an artwork is only a click away.
    • RSVP and invite your friends here.
  • A sign up to our mailing list or acknowledge your art preference from the front desk ipad with on line access when at the gallery for web searching our stock is now available. (So valuable for artwork comparison, assisting one to qualify the art they like?)
  • ‘Directors Selection’ mini catalogs highlight recent art offerings for sale. Look out for these in your emails. It keeps you updated with offerings

The gallery will also introduce a unique offering; for our buyers; prior to an opening or an art purchase at the opening. We invite you to join us to ‘meet the artist’ over a meal following the opening event. Imagine the insights and entertainment value awaiting you?

So this blog heralds the beginning of the renewal of CHG, please join us in celebrating!

Join us at our next exhibition opening or when time permits. And remember you can preview, review our exhibitions anytime on our website here.

Yours in art,

Mark Widdup
CHG Director

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