Susan Sheridan Revelling in 'Plein Air' Painting in Far North Queensland

by Mark Widdup August 03, 2016

Susan Sheridan Revelling in 'Plein Air' Painting in Far North Queensland

I was delighted to receive an update from CHG represented artist Susan Sheridan recently. Susan has been exploring far North Queensland and painting extensively. Her note was as follows:

"This is the landscape, which 'talks to me'! We have been in Lakefield National Park with many lagoons with lilies birds and crocs! The tree shapes are sometimes tortured, the various ant hills amazing, both magnetic and bun shaped and wonderful reflections ready for large canvases!

Best regards, Sue”

susan sheridan

Susan Sheridan | Low Tide Exploring | Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas | 66 x 122 cms

Undoubtedly this is Susan's country and as one would expect she is revelling in 'plein air' on location painting (pictured).
Typically the artist will capture the 'experience' of the location, with emphasis of atmosphere and mood at a campsite. Observe all life around capturing the essence of the area. Major artworks will be developed back in the studio later! Susan's work is featured in our next exhibition, The Specialists which opens at the Gallery next Friday evening 6pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

Yours in ‪#‎art‬,
Mark Widdup
CHG Director

Mark Widdup
Mark Widdup


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