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I'm delighted to introduce Nick Osmond, Cooks Hill Galleries represented artist.

Nick Osmond Artist

Lovers of art... I'm delighted to introduce Nick Osmond, Cooks Hill Galleries (CHG) represented artist.

Nick Osmond is an undeveloped artist who has a cult following, particularly capturing the heart of a famed celebrity! Nick is powered with enthusiasm and a joy for life. On first meeting, albeit so brief, his passion flowed. I felt he had a vision, untamed and ready to explore the opportunities art was going to present to him.

Nick Osmond Art
Nick Osmond | The Much-Esteemed Gentleman | 2016 | Oil on Canvas | 60 x 65 cms | ENQUIRE

An obvious 'people person' his art influence revolves around the figure and so often their character is revealed. Much of the stimulus for his subject matter is historical reference, old photos, a reading of history and a fascination for 'recognised' people and their personalities. He is keen to extract just the essence and presents it in a unique abstract.

Nick has a fascination with Sidney Nolan, arguably our most famous Australian figure painter, who later became internationally recognised Australian artist. He also captures the 'character'. However, for me it's Nick's application of paint colour that adds to the energy within his figure painting.

Nick Osmond Art
Nick Osmond | The Donkey and the Azure | 2016 | Oil on Canvas | 61 x 77 cms | ENQUIRE

"His art is a breath of fresh air, often involving an innocence, whimsy and energy that is easy to identify with on one level. Like some of Nolan's art it possesses an understatement however with more colour and a subjective twist. There is an 'X factor' that attracts!"

Will he get to the heights of Nolan? Probably not but Nick has an innocence and naïve element in his art that draws upon sentimentality which is both attractive and immediately identifiable. I believe he could go close!

Nick Osmond Art
Nick Osmond | A Little Less Conversation a Little More Action | 2016 | Oil on Canvas | 61 x 61 cms | ENQUIRE

Watch his career as there will be some 'gems' in the years to come! I think there could be an 'Archibald' in the waiting.

Don’t miss our next exhibition ‘Purely Visual + Trading Places’ from James Kearns & Nick Osmond. Opening Friday 11 Nov 6-8PM at Cooks Hill Galleries. RSVP and invite your friends here.

On the evening arrive before 6.40pm for a guided tour with the artists, browse + shop the exhibition & enjoy a wine.

Yours in art,
Mark Widdup
CHG Director



Nick Osmond Artist

In the wake of wo severe injuries, Nick Osmond began painting two years ago in his weatherboard cottage, on the outskirts of Moree in north-west NSW. 

Describing himself as a gardener who paints, Nick's home is now overgrown with plant life and portraiture. In the studio, he regularly enjoys the company of his twelve-year-old daughter Sophie.

"I love to paint PEOPLE! Either as portraits or in a loose narrative style. My painting style is semi abstract, moving some times to realism. Often influenced by Sidney Nolan and Adam Cullen, I’m also inspired by Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Goya. Painting in a loose naïve style works well given the indistinctive way I paint. I require a very firm image, visualisation or photographic record to commence an artwork, yet believe most of the final image comes from the following artistic process and development." - Nick Osmond.

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