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Mark Widdup's Christmas Message

Mark Widdup Cooks Hill Galleries
What’s my attention span pre-Christmas ……. about 5 minutes!! 

What was it in November? About 1 hour, a simple explanation of what happens in the manic month of December! Trying to finish, resolve, organize, make, qualify or do!! Why am I doing it again? Talk about multi-tasking, a joke for me! Give me a list, I truly am ‘one at a time’ type of guy!

This year’s end is not as crazy for me as it was 2015. I’m not renovating and overwhelmed with building Ikea furniture, should I say assembling! Being ‘Bob the builder’ and juggling an active and innovative art gallery; took its toll!

It’s been a positive 2016 overall, many a challenge within the gallery and the family. I have learnt to juggle better, but often feel like a ball bouncing through a pin ball machine moving from one initiative or challenge to the next!
With a highly motivated 2017 ready to roll out maybe I will need those meditation sessions many of you talk about?!

Family friend and relatives are due to arrive soon, thank goodness we got the grog and food in place a little earlier this year. The ‘cool drinks’ will roll out this afternoon. The usual pattern seems I need at least 7 days to settle down from an active year!

I have started to look at the weather forecast, check the seafood shops and buy the newspapers and read… all signs of stage one of winding down. I love that feeling combined with a light alcohol intake seems to be the mix that signals a successful festive season recipe.

May you find YOUR formula to relax this Christmas and New Year! When you reach the summit please pass on your goodwill and cheer with others. My feeling about next year? It will turn out a stunner - and thats half the requirement! Get ready for it?! Planning and changes this year will catapult the new year as my crystal ball suggests.
Enjoy and take the time to help others. Merry Christmas.

Yours in art,
Mark Widdup
CHG Director

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