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Last night’s opening of ‘Purely Visual + Trading Places’ from James Kearns and Nick Osmond was a fun night!

Nick Osmond Art

Last night’s opening of ‘Purely Visual + Trading Places’ from James Kearns and Nick Osmond was a fun night, especially the frank and open comments from Nick! Sales on the evening included: Man Wearing Ned’s Aura – Nick Osmond, Moree Wedding 45 Degrees – Nick Osmond, Stockhorse in the Far North – Nick Osmond, The Donkey and the Azure – Nick Osmond, Aboriginal Stockman – Nick Osmond, and Elephant – James Kearns. With further interest expressed in several works.

James Kearns Art
The Bird Played in the Bushes of the Mehi | James Kearns | 2016 | Mixed media canvas | 124 x 150 cms

Nick was both brutally open and honest when making his speech and at the same time entertaining and novel. Nick is a real 'people’s person'. He spoke of his development as a painter and the enthusiasm he has for art and life. As a full time gardener painting is a weekends and evening occupation. My thoughts for some of his most interesting works are the 'Aboriginal Stockmen' theme, 'Johnny Rotten', 'Vietnam Vet Playing Guitar' and I love the expression on the portrait 'She wore blue and a long face'!
Nick has sold well for his first major showing and whilst still in the development stage with his art and style, he is an emerging artist worthy to follow.

Nick Osmond Art
Young Aboriginal Stockman | Nick Osmond | 2016 | Oil on canvas | 62 x 76 cms

James Kearns celebrates his second exhibition at CHG and continues to develop his animal, bird and landscapes paintings. The latter is a newer direction for James! A more textured paint application is applied. The powerful portrait of Katrina Rumley is a must to view. I will encourage James to share his portraiture and start entering portrait prizes for 2017. He has such empathy for his subjects and portraits with the ability to capture an 'essence' few artists can emulate. James also has the ability to promote both energy and power within his composition rendering them potent and vital. Worthy of attention you must look at are the rhino painting titled 'Strong Like the Mountain' the subtle yet untamed bush subject 'The Bird Played in the Bushes of Mehi' and for 100% emotion the boxer 'The Hands of Defeat'.

Please visit the Gallery to experience the show or browse + shop the digital exhibition catalogue here.

Yours in #art,
CHG Director
Mark Widdup

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