Figure vs Landscape Opening Evening

by Mark Widdup October 06, 2016

Figure vs Landscape Opening Evening

The Gallery was busy last Friday evening for the opening of 'Figure vs Landscape'. The latest exhibition from the Galleries artists including Susan Weaver, Bruce Rowland, Bernd Heinrich, Shannon Woodward & Pro Hart.

Early sales include TWO Pro Harts, Susan Weaver 'Fire Mountain' and Envelop II, Bruce Rowland 'Still Life' and Shannon Woodward 'Vanity, Lust Envy' with some commissions for as well.

Figure vs Landscape

Several of the artists were in attendance on the evening. Bruce Rowland can be seen here taking the time to meet guests and share the inspiration behind his art.

Figure vs Landscape Opening

Visit the Gallery before Monday 17 October to experience the exhibition or browse and shop the digital exhibition catalogue online here.

Mark Widdup
Mark Widdup


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