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CHG Director Mark Widdup's Australia Day Message - Happy Australia Day!

Sidney Nolan Art

A day to respect others and be thankful! On Australia day eve – Australian-ism abounds for me - a pair of kookaburras scream out their message, two grey kangaroos thump past by just metres. All of this after a swim and a golden sunset! A day of clichés, enjoyment, peace and wonderment that we live in a country that provides so much! Throw in a great sense of freedom, multiculturalism, fine food and a drink with a few friends and we have the magic of an egalitarian Australia day.

It is really a day to reflect and be thankful for what we have and to be thankful we can work towards what we would wish. We all have the freedom to choose in a safe country we call home. Australia really does offer the A-Z of opportunities. It is up to you, us and me to step up and work towards our dreams! Take time today to consider what your dreams are and start to act upon the most important.

Perhaps you did this 12 months ago - take time to reflect however more than anything enjoy other Australians - be respectful, thoughtful and say hi! We all have much to learn from one another, this is surely a day of sharing and acknowledgement of others. Might be a good motto, or better still be employed as a daily initiative!

Peace to you, your family and friends. Enjoy this Australia Day with an openness as never before.

Yours in art,
CHG Director
Mark Widdup

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