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Nigel Milsom Art

Today I received news that there has been a record number of submissions for the 2017 Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) Archibald prize! We have five artists represented or associated artists submissions in this years’ AGNSW art prizes!

They include Tracey-Maree Smith, Nigel Milsom, Ken Strong, Susan Weaver and Phil Stallard. With the finalists set to be announced at the AGNSW on Thursday 20 July and the prize winners on Friday 28 July this is an exciting time for these artists and the Gallery. Below you'll find a special preview of their submissions and more details.

Nigel Milsom Art

Leading Australian artist Nigel Milsom with his finished 2017 Art Gallery of NSW Wynne prize submission


Tracey has entered 3 mixed media on canvas works in each of the AGNSW prizes. Archibald Prize: The Truth Teller - Pete Evans, Wynne Prize: The Hedonist Playground II and Sulman Prize: The Third Eye Chakras.

She is recognised for her abstract and semi-abstract landscape and seascape paintings. Tracey was a finalist in last years’ (2016) Wynne prize.

Can Tracey repeat that this year? Will she go one step further with two, or more, finalist positions? Can she win?

Tracey-Maree's Smith's latest exhibition 'What Lies Beneath' is currently showing at CHG and has been extend. Visit the Gallery before the 14th of August to view or browse the digital exhibition catalogue here.


CHG represented artist Tracey-Maree Smith with her 2017 AGNSW Archibald prize submission


Nigel surely is a front runner to secure the Wynne prize, having previously won the Archibald in 2015, and the Sulman in 2012. 

Is it Nigel’s year to achieve the trifecta? Brett Whiteley is the only person to previously reach this pinnacle!

He has entered a major work, 2.15 x 5.1 metre triptych, oil on canvas painting. Whilst landscape has not been considered in his repertoire in the past, the work and effort in this painting cannot be overlooked. 

This is a significant work, with a mesmerizing presence. But, will it be enough? 

Nigel Milsom Art

 Leading Australian artist Nigel Milsom with his 2017 AGNSW Wynne prize submission


Ken’s submission ’Obscure Calamity’ is a Sydney Harbour oil painting capturing the harbour’s personality through the movement, currents, wind, light play and tidal motion of the water. The focus of the piece is the reflection. 

This year is Ken’s first time entering. As he feels, like many, in awe of the imposing scale of the competition, but is also excited.

CHG recently held an exhibition of Ken’s work, in May this year, which was lauded as his best so far. Browse the digital exhibition catalogue here. This has further cemented his reputation in the eyes of many art-onlookers.

Ken Strong Art

CHG represented artist Ken Strong's 2017 AGNSW Wynne Prize submission


Susan is also entering for the first time, this year. She is nonchalant about being selected, but welcomes the experience.

Admittedly, a dark horse for a finalist position, her piece will offer the AGNSW trustees (the art selectors) the opportunity to see her skills with the less promoted oil pastel medium! 

Susan's submission is a modest sized work, maybe there is a smaller return wall at AGNSW wall for it?

New works from Susan have arrived at the Gallery. Visit the Gallery to view or browse online here.

Susan Weaver Art

CHG represented artist Susan Weaver's 2017 AGNSW Wynne Prize submission


About every year, or 18 months, Phil pulls out a major work that is well above average. ‘Cicada Dreams’ is one!

In last years’ AGNSW prize submissions, there was a distinct absence of major colour abstracts!
If one considers the necessity of inclusiveness of styles, as an important contributing factor in deciding the Wynne prize, then Phil’s painting may end up as a finalist!

Phil has a selection of works available. Visit the Gallery view or browse online here.

Phil Stallard Art

CHG represented artist Phil Stallard with his 2017 AGNSW Wynne prize submission

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