Larri Patience


Images size: 84 x 92 cms
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dated: 2018

Artist Statement: Larri Patience is the pseudonym I chose to represent paintings done by me that are not of a realistic nature. It is an anagram of my surname and that of my partner, Amanda Pitcairn…it’s EARLE meets PITCAIRN. 

For many years I have worked as a landscape painter with a realistic style,
inspired stylistically by the realistic landscape traditions of the past as well as modern photo realism. My name has become associated most strongly with these paintings although some people may remember that when I began my exhibiting career there was usually a mixture of realistic paintings and others that weren’t. Not wanting to have competing styles I eventually focused solely on my landscapes. After a decade or so I went back to pick up where I left off with the ‘other’ work. I resolved that from January 2000 I would give the ‘other’ a go. I had a few ideas and time to consider what I might do.

A body of work began and it’s been evolving since. It takes in several styles, or looks. What unifies the styles, or looks, is an inspiration of the world we currently live in….it’s architecture and technologies.
The paintings hope to entertain in simple ways. They usually begin as an
experiment…the results of which may be discovered only after some weeks, or months, of careful painting. The most recent paintings take influences from computers, digital printing and fashion contrasting with a nostalgia for 1960’s psychedelia.


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