James Kearns

Artist Statement: My paintings are a visual documentation of my life’s experiences, explorations and influences. My art combines these fundamentals with personal attributes such as intuition and emotions.
I begin a piece either with a landscape to support a composition or spontaneously which becomes more detailed as the composition starts to show itself. The process involves layering. The first layers are the most erratic and may combine a variety of mixed media.
Though my brush strokes and use of elements may seem by chance, they’re often mechanical and well calculated decisions. My composition makes full use of space, appearing to be arranged in an ornamental net.
I notice different characters and forms during the process, which I then nurture and allow to develop almost at their own will.

Medium: Mixed media on paper
Dimensions: 59 x 42 cms
Date: 2016
Condition: New

CHG Director's Statement: James Kearns has strong links to rural Australia. In recent years James Kearns has held successful exhibitions both in Sydney and regionally, with his work being acquired by the who’s who of the art world, successful business people and celebrities. James Kearns is inspired by Ben Quilty, amongst others - who played a role as his mentor early on in his career.

Mastery of portraiture and the abstract representation of the landscape has taken James Kearns years. 'This is not something you just see and comprehend in a day'. The form, nuances, shapes, shadows and relationship of subject to natural context is delicately and thoughtful orchestrated by an experienced eye and hand.

If this work appeals to you this represents a rare opportunity for you to acquire a stunning art work that also has potential for capital appreciation in the future.


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