Andrew Bennett | CHG Represented Artist

"Has Bennett’s surrealism broken boundaries in surrealistic art? With how he combines landscape, seascape, figure and objects, has he created a new balance of forms within a background?

His latest paintings feature the human form yet the body is absent and the landscape plays such a dominant position within his compositions" . - Mark Widdup.





I have been a practicing artist for decades now and the one consistency throughout my work has be my interest in two things: firstly, in the observation of the the world through the various subject interests I’ve explored; and secondly, exploring an idea as a vehicle for the first.
This often leads to a fusion of a quite high realism and a often almost surreal expression., though really it’s more conceptual, observed realism that I’m exploring.

Take an idea and then apply the observation of the objects and content that expresses that idea. This leads to a final work that is not a simple document of what I’ve observed, but rather an expression of my imagination rooted in the world as I’ve observed it.

That tension between an idea and delivering it in a way that conforms to how I’m observing it is at the heart of my practice. Each painting presents a slew of possible interactions to explore as I work the process from the initial inception, to the final rendition.

Throughout the application I strive to keep a sense of life in the work, that very hard to categorise element that one has to feel, perhaps even intuit, rather than simply reason. It can be as simple as an unexpected placement in the composition or an addition or subtraction of another element that can bring a
work to life.

All works are acrylic on canvas after an extensive preparation
of 6 to 8 sanded undercoats.

Andrew Bennett




1985-87 City Arts Institute
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major: Painting; minor: photography)

1984 NSW Institute of Technology

BHP Biliton
AMP Society
Beerworth & Partners
John Landerer
Joseph Brenda
Private collections in Australia, England, Italy, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United States


Advocate Express
Art & Australia
Architectural Review
Architectural Digest (US)
Wentworth Courier
Sydney Morning Herald (Spectrum)