Annecy Inspired

Susan Sheridan


Artist Statement: This is a work on paper inspired from a similar subject, being an acrylic on canvas painting produced and later sold two years ago to a UK collector. The tidal movement in NW Western Australia is extreme leaving coral reefs uncovered at low tide. Caught amongst the coral beds are small fish and crustaceans welcomed by all manner of bird life. Susan captures the moment in her unmistakable impressionist style!

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 30 x 30 cms
Date: 2015
Condition: New

CHG Directors Statement: I first saw Australian artist Susan Sheridan’s work at the Strawberry Hills Gallery, Surrey Hills in the 1970’s and was captivated by the serenity! Words of description and observations along the lines of – muted tones, atmospheric, impressionistic, sublime, dreamy, understatement and capturing a feeling, all described her art convincingly.


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