Norman Lindsay


Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: 56 x 71.5 cms
Date: 1930/1940c
Signed: LR 
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: Norman Lindsay painting for sale, an original and authentic artwork. In timeless Lindsay style, this painting entitled ‘Reclining’ is a serious art collectors dream and a rare fine art investment opportunity. Norman Lindsay’s authority in the Australian art fraternity is abundant, he is truly one of Australia’s greatest ever artists.

This painting is most likely to have been painted in the late 1930's early 1940's, placing it in a good period within the genre of the artist's career. It is a classic subject for the artist and the model used is not only beautiful to look at, (not particularly an asset the artist always sought), being most significant in these times when beauty is sought being in tune with our popular trends. It may be fair to say the 'Lindsay girls' are not always beauties!

Particular comment should be made about the painting's features namely skin colour and its naturalness. It captures the subtleties of the body form, the decorative boudoir backdrops and the composition of the single reclining figure. The silk like material and patterned cloths adds to the exotic nature of the setting. The combination of colour is clear and crisp, not always evident in Lindsay’s oil paintings. There is a special lighting in this artwork, highlighting a subtle tonal variation.

Norman Lindsay's work is well known by his representation within many publications and State, Regional Galleries and University Collections possessing his paintings. The most recent purchase by a major institution was the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) where they paid a record amount for his painting titled 'Springs Innocence'.

Norman Lindsay's artwork was not always sought by public institutions in the earlier years however his importance to Australian art cannot be overstated with the more recent purchase by the NGV; an earlier oversight preventing his work not being represented much earlier. This is a major artwork by the artist, being of museum quality and therefore highly sought.

This artist has outstanding technical skill and art diversity- a children's illustrator, etcher, proficient in all mediums as a watercolourist, oil painter, drawing, ink and pencil. His model ship building, sculpting and writing. I doubt we will ever see an artist that has equal skills in all these mediums again.

I would rank this in the top quality for the artist. This Norman Lindsay painting we have for sale would compliment any compelling art collection, it would make an extraordinary fine art investment and it is an opportunity not to be missed!

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